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Join other portrait enthusiasts to paint from the model for a lively weekend with artist Laurie McGaw. All will benefit from individual instruction at each easel and enjoy the camaraderie of working with fellow artists. In Laurie's spacious downtown studio, with easels and side tables supplied, participants need only bring their painting materials. Oil on canvas or panel is preferred. Demo. on Friday night is open to others--not just participants--for a fee of $15. Saturday evening wine and appetizers at the studio, included. Lunches at Buon Gusto restaurant nearby or bring your own packed lunch. Workshop fee: $250 Payment in full upon registration.





To sit live to have your portrait painted by Laurie McGaw is an unforgettable experience. Between the artist and the subject a comfortable pose is decided upon and then, you guessed it, you sit. While you sit you may chat with the artist but I found it fascinating to watch her work. There is a quiet confidence and relaxed professionalism which surrounds her and you feel part of it and then suddenly you realize there is a whole new energy and focus which has taken over. You cannot and dare not move or twitch because you know that magic is happening between the artist and the canvas. To be part of these moments is a profound and wonderful experience. I think sometimes I even stopped breathing fabulous! --Winifred "Freddie" Mathieson , April 2010


















Portrait of Elvis Stojko, for Star Portraits on Bravo! TV




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